Short Term Teams

A short-term team involves a group of people from one or several churches that comes to Kenya to work with the resident World Harvest Mission team from one to four weeks at a time.


The purpose of these short-term projects is five-fold:

  1. Assist the resident WHM team in achieving their ministry goals.
  2. Build up the body of Christ in Kenya.
  3. Provide an environment for personal spiritual growth and renewal for the team members.
  4. Help team members discern God’s calling for them in missions, whether it means going to Kenya, another country, or to be part of a support team in the U.S. through prayer and finances.
  5. An opportunity for team members to be change agents; promoting home and foreign missions in their home church.

Types of Teams

Prayer and Evangelism

Purpose: The goal is for participants to leave with a vision for how to pray and/or return for longer term service in the ministry of church planting.

We visit various sites of ministry, including church planting and diaconal ministries, prayer- walking.  Depending on the size of the group we can send sub-teams to live with Kenyan church planters for several days to experience first-hand the environment and culture of the various churches whether they be in urban or rural settings.  Team members participate in hands-on evangelism, prayer and mercy ministry.

Mercy Ministry

Purpose: To learn what it means to minister to the poor (orphans, widows, refugees) with Jesus’ heart of mercy.

Engage with ministries such as KiangaKids medical ministry to slum children, street-children’s ministry, orphanages, as well as Overcomers by Grace, a ministry to handicapped Asians and Africans in Nairobi.

“Raise the Roof for Jesus” Building Teams

Purpose: Through this service we contribute significantly to the building of a rural sanctuary or other ministry-related facility, as well as evangelizing and coming to know African co-workers and their culture. 

Groups of 6-12 people assist us in finishing a church building.  Building skills are appreciated but not necessary.  Living accomodations are rustic, using tents, pit latrines, etc.  Time is given in the evenings village evangelism and we usually celebrate near the end with a grand-opening worship service that draws many community members.  Open to anyone who wants to come and get your hands dirty to help make clean hearts!

Worship Symposiums

Purpose: To encourage and equip ourselves and the African church to use Biblical principles and culturally relevant music for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Various musicians come together to model Biblical and culturally relevant music and lead African pastors and worship leaders through a process of writing new music.